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BoostBiz - Axiata Digital

By Oska Ng on Oct 1, 2021

A significant milestone in my journey has been collaborating with BoostBiz from Axiata Digital to provide and implement a solution for migrating two of their existing systems: CRM and EAP systems. I am grateful to the company for entrusting me with the role of core developer for this project. While primarily involved in the backend aspects and the mobile application within the codebase, I delegated the frontend tasks to another team due to the extensive workload on the backend.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the BoostBiz team for their collaboration and support throughout this endeavor. Our partnership facilitated mutual learning and growth, contributing to the success and expansion of Boost Business. This achievement serves as a testament to our collective efforts and accomplishments.

As we launched the initial version of the application, I had to bid farewell. This decision stemmed from the extensive efforts invested in external products at BoostBiz, leaving the in-house product lacking updates due to manpower constraints. Consequently, after the successful release and stabilization of the first version, I transitioned the project to my colleagues.

I’m still delighted to collaborate with everyone at Axiata Digital. Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to reunite, perhaps not just within projects, but also at events in the future!

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