Hi there, I'm Oska Ng 👋

A passionate Software Engineer & Software Architect. With a deep understanding of modern languages, technology stacks, and frameworks, I am well-versed in Dart, C#, Kotlin/Java, JavaScript, and Go. My enthusiasm for technology extends to various domains, including web, mobile, desktop, backend, and DevOps.

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Embedded at Payment Software Engineer Lead @ Revenue Monster

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The future of the human resource management system!


Craft custom Java/Kotlin plugins to tweak Minecraft's core, adding features like enhanced item systems, NPC-driven trade, and automated quests/events based on UTC+8 time.


Crackshot Builder simplifies plugin creation for Minecraft, enabling custom weapon and effect design to enhance gameplay.


Minecraft plugin for Spigot that enables administrators to create unique and inspiring features for their servers.

Recent Events

A Glimpse Of 2023 at Revenue Monster

Dec 31, 2023
Reflecting on the long journey and happy moments of 2023, both personally and with Revenue Monster, brings a sense of fulfillment and joy.

AWS - Embracing evolving cloud compliance

Aug 1, 2023
encapsulates the proactive approach of adapting and integrating the latest standards and regulations into cloud-based operations.

Alibaba Cloud Innovation Partner Award

Jun 1, 2023
Proud to be awarded as the Most Innovative Partner together with the teams!
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