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A Glimpse Of 2023 at Revenue Monster

By Oska Ng on Dec 31, 2023

As we approach the dawn of 2024, memories of 2023 flash before us. Among them, our company’s Christmas event stands out, where everyone was filled with joy, as captured in the photo. 🥳


During Hari Raya, many of us, including Chinese colleagues, celebrate together with our Malay coworkers. We gather for a shared dinner ( the food is really good! 😋 ) and capture memorable moments in photos afterward. 💖


Other than playing, we’re working hard as well with the teams. We from Tech team working together with Commercial and Strategy team at Sidec for providing solution to customer with our professionalism. 😎


During the team-building event, the Human Resource team organized a hiking trip, which was greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, some of us couldn’t join the hiking session as we indulged in a bit too much beer 🍻 the night before.


Occasionally, we attend cloud summit events, and this year, we opted for the Huawei Malaysia ICT Cloud Summit. It was a rewarding experience, where we gained valuable knowledge and enjoyed ourselves. We even got to use a cool camera device to capture memorable moments from the event. 📸

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