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Skript - Minecraft Plugins

By Oska Ng on Nov 1, 2015


Skript, an adaptable and captivating domain-specific language (DSL), has established its own distinctive position in the coding realm. Originating from the Minecraft gaming community, Skript has transformed into a potent scripting instrument, garnering a devoted fanbase and offering a plethora of uses.

I began using Skript during my secondary school years, and I must say it’s an excellent tool for beginners to learn with. Working with Skript can provide developers with insights into modular structure, architecture, and even basic object-oriented programming concepts. While it may not delve deeply into these topics, it certainly lays a solid foundation that can be incredibly beneficial.


During my time managing a Minecraft game server and working as a developer to introduce new gameplay features, these two tools were the top choices available. What’s more, they were both open and free for anyone to use.


Thanking Everyone for Their Support

Appreciate everyone who did help me along the way, and also support me along the way, even there’s stranger also did help me differently 🙏. You guys always perfect and it’s the best support for me on the developer journey.

  1. Numero Uno - Thanks for the video introduction!


  1. Empathica - Thanks for translate and put on MCBBS ( the largest china forum ), even though the platform is dead but still appreciate for the support!


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