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Project Gallery of the React Native

Explore diverse projects built with React Native for inspiration and innovation.

Go Graph Loader

Oct 1, 2022
Load GraphQL by resolver and process scalar types using Go struct definitions instead of schema typing.

Team Lead Software Engineer @ Revenue Monster

May 1, 2022
Promoted to Team Lead Software Engineer after the efforts of 1 year!

Poska - POS System

Mar 1, 2022
An idea for an offline-initiated POS system.

Gath Mobile Application - Diploma FYP

Jul 1, 2019
The project handles events, including creation, editing, closure, and initiation. Users join events, leave reviews, and manage profiles. It includes a voucher system, Firebase integration for notifications, and an admin portal for data management.

QPark - Mobile Application Prototype

Jan 1, 2019
A simple parking application includes QR code registration linked to owners and reminders. Being a prototype, it has basic design and integrates with Firebase for push notifications and SMS support.
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