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Gath Mobile Application - Diploma FYP

By Oska Ng on Jul 1, 2019

The primary focus of the project is event management, encompassing fundamental functionalities such as event creation, editing, closure, and initiation. All users have the ability to both create and join events, with end-users being able to provide reviews for both events and other users. Basic profile management is also incorporated. Additionally, we’ve included a basic voucher system and integrated Firebase for push notification support, particularly for notifying users of event changes. Furthermore, there’s a backend admin portal for data editing and viewing.

Key Highlights

  1. Working with Firebase to provide push notification and sms functionality.
  2. Using Sequelize ORM and connecting with PostgreSQL
  3. Using JWT for authentication and authorization.
  4. Using Koa as http server to served REST APIs
  5. Complete my education study with the FYP! 🎉


  1. Github - Frontend
  2. Github - Backend
  3. Google Drive - Showcase
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