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Project Gallery of the PostgreSQL

Explore diverse projects built with PostgreSQL for inspiration and innovation.

Eternal Century V2 - Minecraft Game Server Customization

Aug 1, 2021
Craft custom Java/Kotlin plugins to tweak Minecraft's core, adding features like enhanced item systems, NPC-driven trade, and automated quests/events based on UTC+8 time.

Gath Mobile Application - Diploma FYP

Jul 1, 2019
The project handles events, including creation, editing, closure, and initiation. Users join events, leave reviews, and manage profiles. It includes a voucher system, Firebase integration for notifications, and an admin portal for data management.

QPark - Mobile Application Prototype

Jan 1, 2019
A simple parking application includes QR code registration linked to owners and reminders. Being a prototype, it has basic design and integrates with Firebase for push notifications and SMS support.
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