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Team Lead Software Engineer @ Revenue Monster

By Oska Ng on May 1, 2022

Summary Of Achievements & Plans 🥳


During my progression from senior to lead, my focus primarily revolved around various aspects of the project, with a significant emphasis on payment-related functionalities.

In my capacity within the payment tech department, I assumed the responsibility of integrating various e-Wallets widely used in the market. These included SenhengPay, Alipay+, SarawakPay (online), FPX via PayNet, Split, Paydee, and FavePay. Additionally, I dedicated efforts to enhancing the structure for FPX handling, considering the potential for multiple providers. This initiative aimed to consolidate operations within a single codebase, streamlining functionality across all providers.

Furthermore, within the realm of loyalty and vouchers, I played a pivotal role in designing a flexible structure to accommodate voucher acceptance from different providers, including third-party vouchers. Notably, during the integration process with Giftee, I received a Starbucks voucher for testing purposes. It was gratifying to witness the recognition and utilization of our products by prominent brands like Starbucks! ❤️

With basic understanding of DevOps principles, I recommended and implemented Metabase for report generation purposes. This powerful tool enables seamless report generation directly from the database without impacting the existing database workload.

This year marked a significant milestone for me as I collaborated with the Axiata Digital team. For further details, you can visit the BoostBiz Milestone.

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