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Hrworking - Human Resource Management System

By Oska Ng on Nov 1, 2023

Originally, this project started as a freelance endeavor, centered on tasks such as employee data entry, salary calculation, company management, and monthly processes like payouts. However, during the movement control order (MCO), the original vendor ceased their involvement, likely due to challenges in finding potential clients during that period. After some time, I revisited the project, improving each aspect to ensure stability. I considered repurposing it for alternative uses, such as a new product or offering it for sale to other potential vendors in need of similar solutions.

If you’re interested become partners, or looking into the project and hope to proceed further development, you may drop me a PM 👋.

If you’re needed a demo before decided to partnering or have further collabartion with me feel free to drop me a PM 👋, there’s a hosted working demo version over the network!


Key Features

  1. Employee Dashboard - Salary, Summary, Claims, Expenses and Holidays
  2. Company Dashboard - Cost with headcount, Cost by departments / branches, Productivity based on leave application & timesheets.
  3. Employee Data Entry - Statutory, Contact, Family & Dependents, Financial Account and Employment details.
  4. Employee Portal - View their salary, spend account, approval task if manager.
  5. Custom Packages for claims, expense, leave, earnings, earnings by timesheets.
  6. Custom Holiday and come with built-in Malaysia holidays ( selective ).
  7. Grouping management - cost center, branches, departments.
  8. Task Management for Manager - approving claims, expenses, leave and upload timesheets.
  9. Pre-filled report download - BANK_INSTRUCTION, EPC39, EPF, SOCSO, EIS, EA, PCB2
  10. Billing for customer to paid bill with and integrated with partner features.
  11. Partner features can assign the customer as the partner who bring in the customer.


  1. Hrworking Website
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