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Project Gallery of the C# / .NET

Explore diverse projects built with C# / .NET for inspiration and innovation.

InvoiceHub - LHDN eInvoice

Jun 1, 2024
A central hub for eInvoice processing available with just a single API call.

Hrworking - Human Resource Management System

Nov 1, 2023
The future of the human resource management system!

Car Shop Management System for HaoProgram

Jan 1, 2018
Car management software with a local filesystem database in JSON format. It includes basic POS functions like product creation, customer management, sales, stock monitoring, and customer service reminders.

Payroll System for DawnTech

Jan 1, 2018
Employee details, salary calculation, leave/OT tracking. Integrate with ZKTECO's Excel for automated employee management and hours tracking.

Phone Shop Management System for KOne

Jul 1, 2017
Customize with JSON, manage data with OleDB/SQL, print receipts/invoices, and track repairs with ease.

Crackshot Builder - A Minecraft Plugin Editor

Jan 1, 2017
Crackshot Builder simplifies plugin creation for Minecraft, enabling custom weapon and effect design to enhance gameplay.
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