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Car Shop Management System for HaoProgram

By Oska Ng on Jan 1, 2018

Develop a straightforward C# Windows Form car management software. Construct a local filesystem database using JSON format. Implement essential POS features such as product creation, customer data management, product sales, and stock monitoring. Additionally, incorporate customer information reminders for car service.

Key Highlights

  1. Simple customer management system for the car, and car owner informations.
  2. Report templating, generation and printing.
  3. Agent commission management for earning calculations and product selling.
  4. POS functionality like product entry, product checkout including customer, agent, and products.
  5. Appointment entry creation, and listing to let the employee to know who will be coming for the servicing.
  6. Basic setting for registration like company name, ssm, telephone number for report generation.
  7. Backup functionality to export a dump data for everything and to be able recover back later.


  1. Github
  2. Google Drive - Showcase
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