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Chativate - Omni Channel Chat Messaging Platform

By Oska Ng on Oct 1, 2021

A significant milestone in my journey was partnering with the frontend lead engineer! Together, we ventured into exploring new technologies, such as Next.js for the frontend. Additionally, we developed a custom-built websocket solution, akin to socket.io but optimized for memory usage and compatible with clustering mode in applications.

During development, close collaboration was crucial as many components needed to align with the backend, including available options, text templating, and real-time socket consumption. I would describe it as a viable solution for those utilizing the chat widget rather than relying on Meta Platform (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram) due to the complexities of the platform and numerous complaints regarding the API.

Utilizing my accumulated knowledge, I pursued a multi-organization design to accommodate the presence of multiple companies within a single group. Rather than requiring users to log out and log in again, I preferred to implement a feature allowing them to seamlessly switch between organizations, similar to how Google manages user accounts.

In my role as a backend engineer, I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn extensively. Throughout this journey, I’ve gained insights into the distinctions between relational and NoSQL databases. Each type has its own strengths and ideal use cases. Fortunately, for our system, we’ve implemented the appropriate database, which has significantly accelerated certain requirements outlined by the product team.


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