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PCI DSS v3.2.1 Level 1

By Oska Ng on Apr 10, 2023

Grateful for the opportunity to be a vital part of the PCI DSS acquisition journey, despite its challenges. With determination, we’re overcoming obstacles and advancing towards success! As an application engineer, I ensure our application meets PCI DSS standards, meticulously working on feature and application documents. Blessed to have a strong team, we’re striving to certify every aspect of the payment environment. 🥳💪

Things improved when working on the standards

  1. Better understanding on the cryptographic operations.
  2. Understanding more on securing REST API endpoints.
  3. Understanding more on securing Web Page with Content Security Policy.
  4. Understanding vulnerabilities more by having the result from penetration test and apply fixes accordingly
  5. Having better look on top of the PCI cycle, understand about every single part of the environment to be documented down
  6. Every part of the environment, also come with policy and procedures to protect us and we know what to do next if anything happened.


  1. PCI Security Standards Concil ( SSC )
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