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AWS - Embracing evolving cloud compliance

By Oska Ng on Aug 1, 2023

In the event was sharing how they been working on cloud compliance, risk framework, strategies and also BNM RMIT Appendix 10 requirements. The key highlight will be the PayNet’s AWS adoption timeline to let us have a look on how PayNet utilize AWS to provide a services at Malaysia as the Malaysia Payment Network.


We’re glad to having insightful experience from the professional and appreciated for the sharing from the speakers! It’s all about future of payment networks and the future of the Malaysia payment networks.


We immersed ourself in the Bank’s extensive enterprise risk framework, gaining invaluable insights into PayNet’s implementation of risk control measures throughout their cloud journey. The enlightening discussion on Appendix 10 in the latest BNM’s RMIT document left us thrilled.

appendix-10 risk-framework
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