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Internship - Hermo Creative (M) Sdn Bhd

By Oska Ng on Jun 1, 2019

During my internship, I received training to work on frontend functionality, such as pagination, page routing, and modular components. Additionally, I learned to align my work with the designer’s specifications to ensure that the outcomes met the desired design standards.


Drawing on my MySQL database expertise, I played a role in boosting performance by fine-tuning resource-intensive queries and replacing them with more streamlined alternatives within the Laravel PHP codebase.

In addition to my primary responsibilities, I collaborated with another frontend developer on research and development projects. Together, we utilized NodeJS and the FeatherJS framework to implement real-time updates and display data through websocket functionality provided by the framework. Due to the sensitive nature of the data, I’m unable to provide a sample. However, it’s stored within the orvar repository for secure access.

During the brief internship period of approximately three months, there wasn’t much time to accomplish significant tasks. However, I focused on aiding the backend team in easing their transition from a monolithic to a microservice architecture. I achieved this by constructing a decorator helper library that amalgamates the functionalities of Fastify and Cote libraries within the NodeJS environment.

At last, the CTO has granted me access and provided opportunities to delve into DevOps-related topics on DigitalOcean. I am deeply grateful for this chance to learn and grow.

After the Movement Control Order (MCO), the company made the decision to disband the technical department, resulting in all former colleagues being unable to continue their work there. Consequently, most of the technical information reached its conclusion, and everyone embarked on new journeys in their lives.


  1. Fastify x Cote
  2. Orvar
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