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Universal GUI - Minecraft Plugins

By Oska Ng on Jun 1, 2021


It’s a plugin designed for integrating with citizens and displaying a graphical user interface (GUI), allowing players to both buy and sell items. The plugin’s configuration enables customization of these features.

Key Hightlights

  1. Migrated from Java to Kotlin.
  2. Concurrency check players requirements & rewards, while some modules is without concurrency support, can be enable / disable when develop modules.
  3. Modular-based requirements, rewards, display with hot-reload support.
  4. Dynamically loading supported from files and API ( a url that returned JSON/YAML/TOML file ).
  5. Come with activator config how players can see the screen, and also cooldown each slot of UI.
  6. All display and messages is customized based on shop to provide fully customizable on every single of things.


  1. Github
  2. Github Wiki
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