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By Oska Ng on Dec 1, 2021


TotoScraper is a Go utility designed to scrape toto data from various existing websites like 4dking, magnum official, and myfreepost. It can generate charts, filter data based on incoming files obtained from web scraping, and offers features such as Digit Frequency, Pair Frequency, and Number Equality analysis. Additionally, it includes a private key and public key check mechanism for internal use only before accessing the application.

Feel free to send me a private message if you’re interested in this personal private project.

Scrap Target

  1. 4dking
  2. Magnum Official
  3. myfreepost


  1. Scrap toto data to excel view
  2. Submit toto data to generate Digit/Pair Frequency Report
  3. Digit Frequency - How many times digits frequency count in Matrix view.
  4. Pair Frequency - How many times same digits more than once in Matrix view.


Sample Result

Digit Frequencytoto-scraper-dfc
Pair Frequencytoto-scraper-pfc
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