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Go Permission Manager ( GOPM )

By Oska Ng on Oct 1, 2022


Go permission manager library that follows attribute-based access control (ABAC) principles, drawing inspiration from Minecraft permission plugins. At present, it includes basic operations such as adding, removing, checking permissions, and retrieving permission children.

Key Highlights

  1. Support wildcard permissions.
  2. Support single-target permission ( identifier based ).
  3. Support numbered-target permission ( how many can user do the action, most of the time creation of resources ).
  4. Support higher level permission check as like wildcard.
  5. With benchmark result!
goos: darwin
goarch: arm64
pkg: github.com/Oskang09/gopm
BenchmarkPermissionCheck-10     1000000000               0.0000244 ns/op
ok      github.com/Oskang09/gopm        0.101s


  1. Github
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