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Payment Software Engineer Lead @ Revenue Monster

By Oska Ng on Feb 1, 2023

This year, we’ve transitioned back to the office environment, and I’ve been working in a hybrid capacity. My promotion came as a result of my accumulated experiences within the company, particularly my involvement in various payment-related projects. I’ve been designated as the core developer for our payment product, which has been a rewarding responsibility.

While it’s exciting to receive a promotion, it’s also bittersweet to witness the departure of senior colleagues and team members. Reflecting on this, I believe that my weak communication skills may have contributed to some of these departures. Throughout the year, I’ve made a concerted effort to enhance my communication and leadership skills, aiming to fulfill the expectations of being a qualified lead engineer within the company.

In my role as a lead engineer, I oversee a team of four members, along with another three-member frontend team, totaling seven individuals. It’s rewarding to note that one of the members from the frontend team has been promoted to lead engineer and has established their own team. Congratulations to him on this achievement!

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